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Wood Shaving Bedding Rose 500g
Price RM13.00
Product SKU MS107
Brand Chubbypetsgarden®
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm

Wood Shaving rose pet ltter is the simple basic litter in pet hygiene, and has proved
its worth countless times. Many people with pets swear by it, because their
pets just love it.

With Wood Shaving Rose pets are going to feel just as if they are outside in
the great outdoors! The dust-free softwood chips, derived from spruce and
fir, are naturally absorbent, give off a pleasant scent and provide a clean
environment – and an authentically and pleasantly natural one – for your
pet to live in.

Suitable for all kind of pets

* a refreshingly different natural organic fibre bedding that is hygienic
* super absorben
* odour binding and dust-free with anti-microbial properties.
*Suitable for rodents and a variety of other small animals

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