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Product SKU Catnip Balls That Stick On Wall
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm
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The pressed catnip ball, no more loose catnip strewn around the house, so much more convenient. Cat nip toys cat approved!


[INTERACTIVE CAT TOY PROMOTES HEALTHY CATS] Has your cat put on a few pounds? Does he/she seem a little lazy? Seem bored with other cat supplies? Stick on catnip roller ball is an excellent solution to give your loved one some nip energy, Great for their physical health!


[BANISH ANXIETY AND NERVOUS BEHAVIOR!] Natural compounds in the cat balls from catnip plant are relaxing & soothing. Excellent for times that may upset your cat, such as having guests at your home. Try these catnip wall balls for cats emotional wellbeing.


[PERFECT FOR PLACING NEAR CAT WALL FURNITURE OR SCRATCH POSTS] Balls resemble delicious cat lollipops. Your happy cat will likely want to play, scratch, or knead after experiencing the cat ball toy. Placing them near existing items or loungers enhances their enjoyment.


[STRONG ADHESIVE MAKES SURE CATNIP BALL STAYS PUT] Catnip wall balls for cats aren't just for the wall! They can be placed on glass, flooring, or attached to your cat's favorite toy. The generous pack of thee allows you to try several spots!


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