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Hamster Bathing Sand - Apple 1.5kg
Price RM22.00
Product SKU 4455961
Brand Chubbypetsgarden®
Availability 99

Keep your little critter clean and happy with regular sand baths. ChubbyPetsGarden Hamster Bathing Sand - Apple is made of 100% natural sands and is non-toxic and hypoallergenic for your pet's benefit. Give your , gerbil, or dwarf hamster a sand bath twice a week, more frequent if living in a humid climate, to keep its coat soft and clean. For your critter's health, do not leave the sands in the cage indefinitely; discard approximately five minutes after use. Use fresh bath sand for each bath.

- Heat treated bacteria free sand
- Smooth sand that gently and safely grooms your hamster
- Dust free to prevent respiratory problems
- Absorbs excess moisture and fat that builds up in the coat

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