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Dogit Voyageur 300 Carrier Black Tiger ( L)
Price RM74.90
Product SKU 76628
Size (L x W x H) 44 cm x 67 cm x 33 cm
Dogit Voyageur 300 Large travel carriers is the ideal solution for your pet transportation needs. Durable, sturdy and safe, the Dogit® Voyageur pet carrier is ideal for transporting your pet by car, bus, train or even by air.

Features include:

- Optimal ventilation and air flow
- Top Petting Door
- Top Access Spring Locking Mechanism
- Easy Assembly Side Latch System
- Molded Waste Collection Gutter
- Treat compartment with food / water Bowl
- Meets airline regulations (with permanent screws / tie wraps)
- Also suitable for cats

Dogit® Voyageur Dog Carrier, Large. (can be use for cat)
Size: 64cm x 44cm x 37cm.

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