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Chubbypetsgarden® ProVita C Guinea Pig

Chubbypetsgarden® ProVita C Guinea Pig

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Guinea pigs are unique among other small mammals in their dietary requirements, since they require Vitamin C. Like humans, they are missing an enzyme that is necessary for the body to make Vitamin C. Therefore, they require supplemental Vitamin C in their diet.

Although guinea pig pellets have added Vitamin C, storage or exposure to light can rapidly destory it. Timothy hay and other grasses are poor sources of vitamn C. Therefore, we should not rely on the pellets or hay to provide the guinea pig with its Vitamin C requirements.

Supplemental Vitamin C is a dietary requirement for the guinea pig. ProVita C Guinea Pig is 100% Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder. Dissolves more readily in liquids than regular crystalline ascorbic acid. Ingredients contains no sugar, salt, starch, soy, yeast, wheat, soy, milk, or preservatives.

Suggested Feeding : Sprikle a pinch of ProVita C on a clean bowl or food bowl, serve to your pet.


尽管天竺鼠粮粒里以添加维生素C ,但是在储存或光照射下,能迅速破坏维生素C使到食粮里维生素C完全没有了。所以我们不应依赖食粮颗粒或干草提供天竺鼠其维生素C的需要。

补充维生素C是天竺鼠一种饮食要求。 ProVita C天竺鼠是100 %纯抗坏血酸粉末。更容易溶解在液体中比普通液晶抗坏血酸溶解,吸收的更好。ProVita C天竺鼠不含有糖,盐,淀粉,酱油,酵母,小麦,大豆,牛奶,或防腐剂。

建议饲喂: 撒一小撮ProVita C在干净的碗或食物的碗喂食。