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Chubbypetsgarden® Glider-Booster

Chubbypetsgarden® Glider-Booster

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To ensure that your sugar glider is getting the vitamins and minerals they need, sprinkle GLIDER BOOSTER on their food or fruit daily. Sugar gliders can be finicky eaters at times, supplementing their diet helps fill the nutritional voids. Feeding a balanced diet is a priority for good health and supplements can help. Contains probiotics that prevent colonization of pathogenic bacteria. Breeding sugar gliders require different nutritional requirements.  Glider Booster helps fill those requirements.

Suggested Feeding: Sprinkle 1 heaping teaspoons over 100g of fresh fruit everyday.

Ingredients :
Live sacchromyces cerevusuae yeast grown on media of whole yellow corn hominy feed, corn cluten feed, wheat middlings, malt syrup and corn sugar mollasses  and dried in such a manner as to preserve its fermenting acitvity, soybean meal, dicalcium and monocalcium phosphates, vitamin A palmitate, D-Activated plant sterol(source of vitamin D2) vitamin E supplement, choline chloride, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine, folic acid, vitamin B-12 supplemtn sodium sulfate, magesium sulfate, potassium chloride, ferrous sulfate, ethylene diamine dihydroioide, colbolt carbonate, maganese sulfate, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate.

Mineral :
Phosphorus not less then 1.45%
Calcium not less then 1.50%
Calcim not more then 2.50%
Iodine 0.40%
Added mineral not more than 10.50%

为了确保您的小飞鼠获得维生素和矿物质的需要,撒上Glider-Booster在他们日常食物或水果上。小飞鼠可以挑剔的食客,有时他们的饮食补充的营养有助于填补空隙。小飞鼠需要不同的营养需求, 饲喂均衡的饮食是一个优先良好的补充。含有益生菌,防止殖民致病菌。