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Chubbypetsgarden® Pure Acacia Gum  1oz/30gram

Chubbypetsgarden® Pure Acacia Gum 1oz/30gram

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Pure Acacia Gum

What is the best way to provide captive gliders with their nutritional needs?

The quest for an answer starts first at the dietary patterns of gliders in the wild.

Sugar gliders feed on the sap from acacia trees in the wild. Acacia gum is a very important carbohydrate source, and gliders are able to digest about 90% of the gum. Pure Acacia Gum is harvested from the sap of these Acacia trees, processed into a powder form and packaged to be fed as part of a balanced diet.

Feeding Instruction :
Sprinkle a teaspoon on fresh fruits/ vegetables or mix with water to form gum everyday. 

Storage Instruction :
For maximum freshness, store in a cool, dry location after package is opened.

Ingredients :
100% Pure Acacia Gum